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Name & Origin
Hawaiian Kona, Lions' Gate, Estate Grade
Classifications Specialty Coffee, 100% single origin
Varietal and Type Washed Arabica grown under the perfect conditions of sunny mornings and cloudy afternoon on the volcanic soil of Kona Coast on west Big Island.
Grade / Size Kona (Prime) grade, Estate quality
Roast Profile Roast-to-order in HK, Medium / High
Packing In 1/2 pound size one-way valved aluminium foil pouch with tin-tie, sealed.
Net Weight 227 grams (8 oz.)
Shipping Weight / Size About 245g / 90x70x130mm
Best Consuming Within 2 weeks after un-sealed
Shelf Life 12 months when it is sealed.
Storage Keep in cool dry place or in refrigerator.

For Espresso - 7-10g finest grind per 30ml water

For Drip/Café Americano - 10g medium-coarse grind per 150ml of water, 92-95 degree C water

Tasting Note This coffee has good acidity with exceptional aromatics with a full smooth deep rich body with a long smooth, sweet finish. Suitable for both Espresso and Drip preparation.
About Our Packaging All our coffee is roasted to order to ensure freshness. Directly after roasting, the beans or grinds to your selection are packaged in our one-way valve bags so neither air nor moisture can enter however gases (CO2) emitted from the fresh beans are allowed to escape and drive-out the inside oxygen which is an oxidizing agent to degrade the quality and freshness. A tin-tie is also attached at the opening for your easy reseal.
About Coffee Making Coffee can be prepared in many different ways but the more common ones for home/office preparation are done either on Espresso machine or Drip-coffeemaker. While Espresso offers more crema to smooth the coffee and exquisite taste, it also is a better way to make fresh ice-coffee because of its concentration. And if you are a fan of Cappucino or Latte, then the Espresso way is a must. On the other hand Drip coffee offers clean and pure taste, larger mouthfull and more comfort to the stomach and less bitterness. It also goes well in black or with less milk. And of course drip coffee maker is far less expensive than an Espresso machine and therefore are commonly used in family household.
About Coffee Storage Coffee is most enjoyable with the taste and aroma when it is fresh. This is why we offer roast-to-order coffee. After it is roasted, coffee remains at its top freshness for about one week but can prolong for weeks if it is kept in air-tight container. We use heavy composite bag with tin-tie for your convenience and better storage after the bag is opened. It is always better to keep the roasted coffee in bean form, grind it only when you are ready to make coffee. Resealable bagged coffee should be kept in cool dry place or refrigeration to prolong its freshness and potency.
About Water Both hard water and distilled water are not ideal for coffee making. Soft and pure water with small content of minerals are more suitable. Running tap-water is better because it carries more oxygen which is essential to make good infusion. While bottled mineral water or mountained freshly run water could be too expensive for coffee-making, filtered tap-water is the most preferrable and economical in today real life.
The Do-not

1) Coffee is strong with caffeine and tannins and may not be suitable to those who have weak stomach. To better adapted, drink with milk or after meal.

2) Oxygen is an affecting element to make good tasting coffee, so do not use over-boil or re-boil many-time water.

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